Terms & Conditions


“Course” means the >B< MaxiPro e-learning course

“Training resources” means any documentation, videos, online modules, articles, websites provided as part of the course

“User” means a person who has been granted approval upon registration to access the >B< MaxiPro website and course

“Data” means the information which a User provides when registering


  1. The course is available to any installer or engineer.
  2. To complete the Course, visitors must provide the required information upon registration.
  3. The visitor will become an authorised User once Conex Bänninger has reviewed the registration. Authorisation can take up to 24 working hours.
  4. Upon approval, Users will be able to undertake the Course.
  5. If successfully passed, Users will become certified in >B< MaxiPro and warranty will become extended to five years.
  6. The e-learning Course and Training Resources are, and remain, the intellectual property rights of Conex Bänninger.
  7. Users are not authorised to:
    1. Copy the e-learning Course and Training Resources except where such copying is necessary to complete the Course.
    2. Rent, lease, reproduce, sell, sub-licence, adapt or modify the Course and Training Resources.
    3. Use the e-learning Course materials and Training Resources with any other courses
    4. Share log-in information with any other party or unauthorised users.
    5. Share or publish projects/information on the >B< MaxiPro website without written consent from Conex Bänninger.
    6. Share any other confidential information with external parties.
  8. Users shall notify Conex Bänninger immediately if they become aware of any breach.
  9. Please note that we reserve the right to change the Course content at any time and without notice.

Data Protection

  1. The nature of the Course provided means that Conex Bänninger will obtain, process and store certain Data about the User.
  2. Upon registration, a User will need to provide certain Data, such as contact details. This Data will be stored securely and only used to administer the User’s account and to provide the services and products requested.
  3. If opted in, the Data a User provides may also be used to provide marketing communications.
  4. A User’s Data will never be sold to third parties. However to enable Conex Bänninger to provide a complete and accurate Course and service, partnering companies will also have access to your Data but are prohibited to act on this Data:
  • Forty49 and JW Web have been commissioned to design, build and develop the website.
  • DeltaNet have been commissioned to provide the online training Course.
  1. Conex Bänninger endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect the User’s personal data but cannot guarantee the security of any data disclosed. The User accepts the security implications of being online and will not hold Conex Bänninger responsible for any breach of security. For more information, please read the Privacy Policy.